Welcome to my travel blog, where I hope to show you the world through my eyes. When I started journaling my travel experiences, I wrote for myself only. Because of this, my writing was similar to a diary. Now, I still enjoy that journal format, but my style has evolved, and I have YOU in mind as my audience. I will be posting some of my previous writing, mixed in with my new writing, so you might note some differences!

My intention for blogging is to document my unique perspective as a teenager, social justice activist, plant-based eater, and all-around adventurer, as I travel to places and have experiences that are both expected and unexpected.

I encourage you to also “think outside the path” as you experience life, travel, and other cultures.


Teen traveler, artist, activist, vegan, bookworm, athlete & adventurer. Loves nature, history, culture, kindness & Earth. Click "About" for more information.