Avalon Jade is a 16 year old from Tampa, Florida, who has always loved to travel. This blog is a new chapter in her life, a combination of her love for the world, different cultures,  animals, healthy food, and service work. She loves experiencing places and things, and sharing them with others, in hopes that they, too, will be inspired to do things and go to places they would not have previously considered. Her Instagram account will reflect this new stage, while complimenting the blog, but please, read on to learn more about her interesting journey up until now.

At the young age of 7, Avalon first dreamed she could help make the world a better place for all living things. In the years since, she has grown her efforts into a non-profit organization called Conserve It Forward, which offers several environmental programs and activities. Encouraging the use of kindness and compassion to confront world issues, Avalon’s goal is to raise awareness and inspire action that benefits both the natural world and people.

Over the years, she has traveled the world to share her message, and work alongside others, while also inspiring people to believe in themselves, and to achieve their own dreams. Her efforts have been recognized with many awards, yet she feels her greatest achievement has been connecting with youth to inspire them to take small acts towards change, and helping them realize we can all make a positive difference no matter our age. If you are interested in following Avalon’s path with Conserve It Forward, please follow along on Facebook at Conserve It Forward With Avalon.


Teen traveler, artist, activist, vegan, bookworm, athlete & adventurer. Loves nature, history, culture, kindness & Earth. Click "About" for more information.